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Boat trip along Rías Baixas

One of the most surprising activities you can do in this area is a walk along the estuaries to see up close the mussel (bateas), the best known routes and with longer schedules are the boats that make the route by the estuary of Arousa and Pontevedra estuary, but you can also enjoy this route by other estuaries.

Some boats allow us to enjoy this experience accompanied by our dog (check in advance).

Tickets are purchased at the O Grove catamaran station which is attached to the bus station. Except on Fridays when there is a flea market, it is usually easy to park in the large port area.

Every day, with a very wide schedule, the modern catamarans with glass bottoms set sail from the port of O Grove to make this route, the catamarans have a covered area with large windows and the upper area where you can enjoy the sea breeze. It is advisable to wear comfortable footwear and clothes, also some warm clothes as in the sea the temperature is usually a little cooler.

Ria de Arousa route from O Grove


The estuary of Arousa, is one of the largest and richest estuaries in the world, offers unique landscapes and taste of sea, the route is made in the areas that are between O Grove, La Isla de la Toja, Cambados and Isla de Arosa. A guide explains the singularities of this beautiful estuary, emphasizing the work that is developed in the cultivation of mussels, oysters and scallops that are made on floating platforms called bateas.

They make a stop to observe closely the ropes of the crops, both on the surface and through the crystal bottom of the catamaran.

Then they offer a tasting of steamed mussels accompanied by white wine or soft drinks.

An entertaining and amusing walk of +- 1 hour of duration, that turns the boat into a luxurious viewpoint, with a little luck some of the families of dolphins that inhabit these waters will let themselves be seen, also we will see closely the gulls that are pending of the mussels that the people throw to them.

Route along the Pontevedra estuary from Combarro


This route has many similarities with the previous one as far as modern catamarans with crystal bottom, visit to the bateas, detailed explanations of a guide, tasting of mussels, sympathetic crew, very attentive and professional, changes the estuary in which it makes offering a completely new and unique framework to this experience.

Here we will sail from the port of Combarro, a picturesque fishing village well known for its small historic complex that keeps a lot of charm, its famous horreos that line the edge of the estuary, stone cruisers and its narrow streets of stone.

The area of the route is the Pontevedra Estuary, between Combarro and Marín, a fishing village on the other side of the Estuary.

This allows us to observe the village of Combarro from a new perspective, if before we visit them from the mainland, now we can see it from the sea, which offers a unique frame to lovers of photography. It also borders the Tambo Island, located in the estuary. This island can only be visited two days a year, has an area of 28 hectares and has a small pier and its unique Tenlo Lighthouse, the only European lighthouse that is accessed by a spiral staircase outside.

This route has a duration of +- 80 minutes, which become very short and enjoyable, here also with a little luck we can see some dolphins!

A great way to enjoy a different day!